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Hello there! :)

Welcome to our travel blog and sorry for all the grammar mistakes that we make – we appreciate every feedback! We assume that if you are on this page, you probably want to know who we are. Well…



Paulina – impatient bunch of chaos from Poland. Likes to do stuff instead of just thinking about it, even without a good plan. Loves life – you know… good food, wine, music, animals, emotions. Still didn’t decide if in general people are bad or good. The biggest wish: eat all the things and don’t get fat!

Tasks on the blog: writing, complaining and making Weasel crazy with all the technical questions and requests. In life: employee at Jimdo, certified COAPE dog & cat behaviourist at OK-Hund and chips monster.





Daniel – (also known as Weasel) – a very interesting mixture of German accuracy and Italian temper with quite a touch of international clumsiness. He claims, he’s not that emotional, but he talks to our dog. Calm, loving, passionate and authentic. Explosive when he has to.

Tasks on the blog: writing, pictures, videos, design and patience. In life: motion graphic artist, cookie monster & best man ever.



Julka – also known as Jula, Julcia, good girl, get down, no no no, leave it, don’t! – loves to cuddle, poo in the middle of the street and her old dirty sock. Due to her dark past she has some issues with boxers and unknown men. We work on that with a little help of sausages, though. Other than that she has the most fun and never complains. Like you know – yay, forest!  yay, lake!  yay, horse shit…

Main task on blog: look cute and make you want to come back ;)



We live in Hamburg, Germany, and would like to believe that there is something special about our blog. Everytime we travel together things happen and we don’t actually know why. We don’t really have much time & money, we make lots of mistakes and our dog has some issues. But… WE TRAVEL ANYWAY! :)


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