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Karkonosze – Taking a shortcut

October 29, 2014 Comments (1) Destinations, Hiking

Karkonosze – Conquer Snezka


Because this was our first hiking trip since many many years, we didn’t actually plan to conquer Sniezka (1603 m) on the first day. But we did :> I suppose that if we would have known, how many km we have to go (considering our starting point) we wouldn’t have decided to do this. However, the weather was so beautiful and we got so close that we decided to go for it. We started at the Wang Church, which we found not that interesting, but we’re also not really that into churches and stuff ;) If you like churches click here. And this is how we were walking:


In Karpacz there are no parkings free of charge. We paid 4 EUR for the whole day.

We entered the National Park (entrance fee for 7 days – 6 EUR per person) and after 300 m (the short blue route) we were… exhausted :D The beginning was pretty tough and we started to wonder, if we’ll ever be able to go all the way up. There were many people complaining around and we all seemed to be a bit out of shape  ;) On the first crossing we decided to go the yellow route, which lead through the nice forest:

After that we changed to the green route, because on the first day we wanted to see both lakes from the top. Well… the green route was not much easier than the beginning, so we decided to make a small break somewhere in the middle. After app. 40 minutes of complaining we managed to get to the pass on top of the hill. We followed the red path for about an hour and we decided to eat at the mountain hut “Dom Sląski” (the food was ok though expensive, but the staff was just rude… we don’t recommend this place!)

Although it was middle of October the sun was shining and it was really warm (about 17 degrees), so we decided to go all the way up to Snezka, as we felt somehow full of energy. There are two ways: red and black, but the black one is definitely more attractive. So we went. And went. And went… At the evening we checked that this short black path is actually 1,2 km of pure steepness! Suddenly we were not that fit anymore :D But it was worth it. We deserved great views and overpriced waffles ;)

It was 5 p.m. and we thought it makes sense to go back. Pro tipp for you: never underestimate the way down! We were already very tired and still had about 2 hours to go down. It was pretty late for an autumn and it seemed that we were the last people going back down to the city. The rest stayed in the mountain huts. We chose the black route. It was super steep but we just loved the views! (see the title picture)

At about 7 p.m. we were in the city again. It was almost dark and we found out that we still have a long way to go to the parking place! We forgot to include this 2-km-walk in our calculations and believe me – when you have already walked 18 km, 2 more do make a difference ;) We got to our car 20 minutes later and we were really happy to see our sneakers – putting off treking boots after 20 km is priceless…

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