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Hiking Boots – Meindl Borneo 2 Lady


I was never sure if buying expensive shoes makes sense. Actually it didn’t make any sense to me as there were always some other high priority spendings. But as we decided to spend our future holidays mostly outdoors, having a pair of good hiking shoes suddenly seemed legit.

Pro Tipp:

Proffessional advice really pays off while choosing hiking shoes!

We tried to find some information online, but it would mean reading thousands of pages and reviews that are not always accurate. In other words, it would basically mean waisting our time. So we decided to be so retro ;) and went to the huge Globetrotter store here in Hamburg. We thought, we will choose something ourselves, but we had no idea where to start. And then we experienced one of the best customer services ever (just to be clear – this is not a sponsored post).

We had to go to the counter and wait for a consultant. After about 10 minutes waiting a very friendly guy came to us and explained everything about choosing the right shoes. He asked about our plans, where we want to go next and in the future, if we want to hike in summer or in winter, in what weather conditions, what circumstances and so on… He also measured our feet. I normally wear size 37, but this time it was 39! He explained to me that toes have to have enough space in the front while going down the hill and the heel should not move while going up. We could also test it on the special terrain built inside the store. We also learned that there are several types of shoes and at the end we decided to buy type B.

After about 30 minutes we knew what shoes we want to buy, but as they cost 200-220 EUR, we thought we will take a look online and maybe find the same shoes a bit cheaper. We know that greed doesn’t pay off, but we also know that the Internet is often cheaper. Not this time. So on the next day we had to travel through the whole city to the store again only to find out that the man boots we have chosen have beed sold out the day before. Lesson learned.

And now a short summary of these shoes: they are awesome! Very comfortable and robust. There is really nothing I can complain about. I think these shoes saved my life in a way. Or at least my legs as we were trying to go through those dead forests and busches. The feet are stable and can breathe even after walking for few hours. They are a little bit heavy but it’s actually good – your legs will look more sporty after a week :D So if you are looking for good hiking boots, at least try Meindl :)


Upper Nubuck leather with wax
Lining Leather
Footbed AIR-ACTIVE ® SOFT PRINT drysole
Sole Meindl Multigriff® by Vibram®
Weight approx. 650g (Size 4,5)
Sizes 3,5 – 10


comfort: 100%

stability: 100%

design: 100%

Total Score 100%

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