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View  on the Czech side from "Dom Śląski"

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Hitchhiking in the Rock Town

If you’ll ever be somewhere nearby, you should definitely try to visit this magic place – the Rock Town in the Czech Republic! It’s a complex of rock formations that’s really worth seeing! But first things first:

  • Location: nearby polish border; 1,5h by car from Karpacz. Check the exact location here.
  • Parking cost: 80-100 Krunen for the whole day.
  • Entrance fee: 70 Krunen (circa 6 EUR) per person. There are 2 entrances: one in Adrspach and one in Teplice. For each one you have to buy an extra ticket, unless you go through the whole area at once.
  • Time (depending on your skills and numbers of photo breaks): 2-4 hours for each part + 1-2 hours for the connecting path. If you’re fit enough, you will be able to see both parts in one day.
Rock town

You will find this gorgeous view in Teplice-part

As already said, there are 2 entrances, but you can also go through the whole area at once. You can see our route on the map on the first picture. We took the entrance in Adrspach (top of the map) and went to the Teplice part. It took us almost 7 hours and as you may know from previous posts, we have some issues with time estimation. So again, we woke up and arrived too late and we had problems with coming back on time. It was too late to go back through the area, so we decided to go out in Teplice and catch a bus or train to Adrspach. But… there was no one there. Literally no one. 2 cars, no people, closed restaurant, no bars, no houses, no bus stop. Nothing. Awesome. On our way to the train station we met a lady, who was just leaving the building. She told us in her own language (as I come from Poland I could understand it more or less) that the next train is leaving in 45 minutes and next bus in… 4 hours.

The decision was fast: we walk down the road and try to hitchhike. I was wondering, how the hell should we walk another 4 km and drive back home afterwards, but fortunately a very nice Dutch artist stopped and took us. He used to live there for few years, but he said that now it’s getting too crowded and civilized for him, so he moves to Portugal where he will open a therapy centre. Thank you and good luck with your plans! :)

At the end of the day, we went inside once more as we missed a stone called “The lovers” at the beginning. This is one of the most known formations there. Well… people say this is a hugging couple, but we think this is only a version for children. Are we the only ones seeing a huge penis on the right side? :D

The lovers

Long story short, no matter how much you’ll decide to see, you’ll be happy. Personally, we liked the bottom part (Teplice) better, because it’s wilder, but the formations in Adrpach are awesome, too. If you decide to take the blue route in Teplice, please take into account that the part which connects with the yellow route on our map is really really steep.

PS. The PL-CZ boarder that we crosses is not guarded. It’s actually only one-lane-wide road. On our way back we saw an interesting picture: 2 policemen without a car and 2 suspicious guys with a bling-bling car standing in the darkness, chilling and waiting. You know that weed is legal in Chech Republic, right? ;)


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