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Schafberg – the most beautiful view in Austria!

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“Samotnia” hut – a place to enjoy loneliness

View  on the Czech side from "Dom Śląski"

On the last day of our trip we finally made no mistakes! We parked in the right place and our time estimation was very good. The only problem was the weather – evil clouds were chasing us all the time, but… we escaped! ;) This is how we went:

We started with the green route at the waterfall and continued with the blue one, which led us to one of the most beautiful spots in Karkonosze – the “Samotnia” hut. I was really sad that it was the last day of our holidays, because I wanted really badly to stay there overnight and enjoy the nature, silence and sunrise. Especially, because the whole area was almost empty (during the whole day we met only a few people). This place is full on weekends and during the summer, so this would be a perfect moment to experience “Samotnia” (which means more or less “a place where you’re lonely”) at its best. I will be back for sure!

I just noticed that we don’t have any pictures of the building itself, so if you want to see more, just visit their official website. You can also check the prices there, but I can already tell you that you will pay maximum 10 EUR per person per night in the main season. You will have to pay extra for the food, but we tried it and it was tasty. Also the staff was very kind.

After a break we kept on going up, passed the “Strzecha Akademicka” hut and reached the hut nearby Snezka where we made a break on our first day. Dark clouds were following us all the time so we decided not to take a break there and directly go back down to the city. The first half of the red route was really difficult and we were very glad that we didn’t have to go up this way. I would say it’s rather a black one, so take into consideration in case you want to go there.

Last but not least, on the way back we found another mountain hut and made some friends there :)

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