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Schafberg – the most beautiful view in Austria!


They say Schafberg (1,783 m) offers the most beautiful view in Austria. We cannot confirm that since we haven’t been everywhere, but the place is really stunning! The best spot to start is the small city St. Wolfgang. From there you can either walk to the top or take a rack railway that opened in 1893.

We arrived pretty late and we only had few hours so we decided to take the railway and that was a good choice. It costs 22,70 EUR per person one-way and 33 EUR per person both ways. For other tickets check the full price table.

By the way, you can also take your dog (9,50 one way), but remember to take the muzzle!  You can also buy one at the kiosk nearby. We had to do it, but Julka was not really amused…

The ride to the top takes about 35 minutes and is a little bit loud (especially when the windows are opened), but you can enjoy awesome views. You can enjoy even more awesome views once at the top – the panoramic view of the Salzkammergut mountains and its lakes is really breathtaking! It’s almost impossible to show this beauty on the pictures, but we tried ;)

Schafberg - Panorama 1

Schafberg - Panorama 2

We strongly recommend you to walk down or up the hill. There is only one way and it’s not the easiest one, but it’s really worth the struggle! It will take about 4-5 hours to walk up and about 3 hours to walk down. However, we don’t recommend running down like crazy, because the route is pretty steep. On the next day walking down the stairs will be very painfull. Been there, done that ;)


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